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Sodium Fluorosilicate

Used as Milky agent and fusing agent for glass and enamel; preserving agent for wood; agricultural insecticide ; hygroscopic agent for acid-resisting cement; coagulation accelerator in natural emulsion products. Additive in electroplating zinc , nickel and iron in three floors; stuffing agent in plastics; pharmacy, fluorating treatment for drinking water and for man-made crystals and Sodium Fluoride.

Item Standard Spec.(%) Test result
Appearance White powder White powder
Sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) >=98.5 99.0
Loss of weight on drying at 105℃ <0.30 0.30
Free acid (as HCL) =<0.1 0.047
Chlorides(CL) =<0.15 0.11
Sulfate (SO4) =<0.25 0.23
Fe =<0.02 0.02
H2O =<0.4 0.18
Fineness >=90 99

Packing: 25 Kg Polyethylene weaving inner lined with plastic bag

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