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SSP-06 Pro-biotics For Poultry Feed (Standard)


Efficiency Component:

Multiple package is plant lactobacillus,enterococcus, bacillus subtil-lis,bacillus licheninformis, zymic,functional peptide and UGF.

Total number of living bacterium effectively:≥2×10(10 times)cfu/g,(Bacteriocin-like inhibitory substance≥0.8×10(10 times)cfu/g,Spore fungus≥1.2×10(10 times)cfu/g)



1.Protect healthy of intestine,promote effective microbial community at the advantage level,prevent and remission water-fecal and feed fecal.

2.Enhance egg quality,increase color of egg shell and smoothness,Lower cholesterol content according to inhibit Cholesterol Synthesis,promote absorb of Ca and P,increase the thickness of egg shell,enhance the egg weight and lower the egg damaged rate,improved the fertility rate and hatch rate of hatching eggs,extend egg production period,efficiency reduce the dirty egg rate,freak egg,and Soft preserved eggs rate etc.

3.Promote growth,improve feed nutrition item exchange rate,enhance food intake and daily weight added,lower rate of feed and meat,perfect quality of meat.

4.Enhance rate of fertilization and hatching rate of hatching egg,extend egg-laying period,increase egg weight,perfect color of egg yolk and quality of eggshell,reduce rate of damaged eggs,lopsided egg,Soft preserved eggs.

5.Reduce concentration of NH and other noxious gas in the animal house,lower morbidity of respiratory tract.


Test Example:

The empirical results(use in broiler chicken)

Test report showing that egg production rate will rising 1-2% when SSP-06 added,weight will rising about 1mg,damaged rate and feed egg rate obviously improved.


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